Meet the Founders



Jesse Johnson-Brower is a U.S. Army veteran and serial entrepreneur on a mission to add value to our American Veterans and Law Enforcement. He is President of the award winning non-profit organization The Johnson-Brower Foundation, Founder and CEO to Johnson-Brower Technology, Johnson-Brower Promotions, Johnson-Brower Worldwide, co-founder and CEO of American Stippleas well as co-owner of Veteran Disposal.


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Jeremy Schoen

Jeremy Schoen is Chief Financial Officer and co-founder of American Stipple. He has spent over 15 years in Law Enforcement with experience in both the SWAT and K9 Units and is also an instructor for range and defensive tactics. He is dedicated to providing tactical advantage to Military,  Law Enforcement and the high speed tactical shooting community with solutions that work. 


JoAnn Schoen

JoAnn Schoen is Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of American Stipple. Her lengthy career in business management and customer service along with her exposure to the tactical community made her a perfect fit.