360 Grip

Stippling the whole grip of the gun, 360 degrees. Ending points will be discussed with the gun owner. This custom texture provides the best possible grip for any  competitive, intense and possibly wet situations.


Contact points

Stippling the whole grip, both right and left thumb rests and both right and left pointer finger spot. This custom texture allows for the best possible grip at all points of contact while engaged and firing the weapon.




butt plate 

Stippling of the butt plate. This custom texture will allow for fast and efficient magazine changes.


trigger guard

Stippling of the bottom and front of the trigger guard. 




whole gun

Custom texture of the following: 360 degrees of the grip, right and left thumb texture, right and left pointer texture, bottom and front of trigger guard and the butt plate. If you want to have an advantage for shooting up some serious competition you'll want this.


Active and retired military and police discount of 10% will be applied to stipple service totals. Proof of service required.

The bald guy discount of 11% will be applied to stipple service totals for those who are follicularly challenged up top.